Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Whiplash-"Sword Meet Skull, Skull Meet Sword" Single


Not sure how I missed this one as it was released way back at the start of June in 2013! Having heard that the band was supposed to be releasing an EP called "Old School American Way, Volume 1." sometime in late 2012/early 2013 it now appears as if that whole idea was null and void! Still, at least we have this single off  of said EP right? Admittedly I lost track of these Jersey guys after their 1990 "Insult to Injury" album. O.K., I actually stopped listening to them after that. Still, when I last read about the "upcoming" EP I thought I'd give the group another try. From what I remember the EP was supposed to be a return to the group's roots. If "Sword Meet Skull, Skull Meet Sword" is anything to go by then Whiplash, which features original member Tony Portaro handling both vocals and guitars, has done right with that promise! This single, having been produced Portaro himself, features newcomers Dan "Loord" Foord (SikTh) and Dank DeLong (drums and bass respectively) joining in on the fun that can be had by blasting out straight-up speed/thrash metal! Old-school thrashers will love Portaro handling of both the vocals and guitars as his voice is just rough enough to give "Sword Meet Skull, Skull Meet Sword" edge while his leads are classic Whiplash circa late eighties/early nineties! From the looks of it Tony's two partners in crime have been backing him up since 2011 and the consistency/chemistry is obvious from the technical beat-down that is "Sword Meet Skull, Skull Meet Sword". My only gripe is at a little over three minutes in length it's come and gone before you really have a chance to sit back and settle in! I'd love to find out what the hold-up is with "Old School American Way, Volume 1.". Is it's a matter of not being able to find the proper label to release it on then why not just go ahead and release it yourself? If the lack of funds is the problem then why not go the Kickstarter route? Considering how much has been accomplished this way on the part of bands (A Sound Of Thunder is a perfect example!) Whiplash could easily raise the funds one would think. Either way this single shreds and if this is what Whiplash could be like in 2014 and beyond then you better believe I wouldn't be losing track of them again!


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