Thursday, May 15, 2014



Need a death metal fix? I mean a REAL (no added artificial ingredients!), pure, unfiltered/unflattering and as mean and ugly as they come death metal fix! If so well, first I don't blame you (as it's an addiction I've developed to over the years since first hearing the band Death as a teenager) and more so I'd encourage you to scratch that itch! That's where a nasty bunch like Philadelphia-based trio Fisthammer (vocalist/guitarist Max Svalgård, bass guitarist/backing vocalist John McCarthy and drummer Danny Piselli) comes into play! Chances are this trio of mad men might just have what you're craving friends! Produced, mixed and mastered by Carson Slovak & Grant McFarland at Atrium Audio in Lancaster, Penn. (making it sound just about right-not too clean, but simply not insufferable either) "Infallible", serving as the follow-up to 2012's "Devour All You See", is one of those records where nine times out of ten it just hits all the right notes. And by that I mean it does the old "Hulk Smash" bit only with the smashing part ends up sharing equal time with "rip, chew and then spit out the remains!" and crap-loads of unrestrained (The gates of hell have been torn open spilling out the rotting corpses of the living dead upon earth!) death metal vocals!  You can check it out here: and then be sure to check out the band here ( see how you can witness this trio live! at

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