Thursday, May 01, 2014


Flutronix Records

Sometime (long) ago, back in 1992 or 1993 to pin-down a more precise time-period, I was a younger man from a small town mindset, setting off for college. That was Kent State and, circa the early nineties, it was a move that served as an (eyes wide open) awakening to the full richness that was "alternative" music. As I listened to "2.0" I couldn't help but think back to that time when I began to observe music as a movement (if not as a means of revolution, as it was in a time not that long ago at Kent State, then at least with one's own internal battles) and I slowly became aware of the beauty that was to be found in music that didn't fit into a neat little package. Those days are so long ago that I find the memories are but mere flickers of a fading light and yet it taught me the valuable lesson that you should try everything once (otherwise think of the wonders you might miss out on in this thing we like to call life!). Still, with twenty years or so now having past since I wore a much younger man's wardrobe, even I find that (music-wise) there is always something unexpected, new and fresh new, and (now and then) something that will really catch you off guard! Enter Flutronix. As boldly as I like proclaim that  "I've heard it all" I have never heard Flutronix. And with that I hereby suggest that a new classification of music be established that will simply be known as "Flutronix"! Composed of Natalie Joachim and Allison Loggins-Hull, a critically-acclaimed flute duo, Flutronix is unlike anything I have ever had the privilege of experiencing! Modernizing classical music by way of electronic programing, Flutronix, with the help of (co-) producer Tony Maimone, hip-hop producer Ski Beatz ("They Ain't You"), drummer Joe Blaxx and the Melodia Woman's Choir of NYC (on the memorizing "She Is"), takes on the challenge of finding common ground between not only classical music and the sounds of modern electronic elements, but soul and hip-hop. As "2.0" proves the pair (easily) achieves this task with a graceful presence that borders on heavenly! A soulful, R&B-inspired cover of "Sweet Dreams" (Eurythmics) only adds to the elegance of "2.0", but be aware that this is still very much in tune with today's pop/dance scene. There are no dubs to be found among this CD's nine-tracks as opener "Everything Begins" and closing number "She Is" simply hold in place a collection of endearing numbers that will find you walking on clouds as the sensation that everything is right once more with the world returns to your spirit. This is a simply enchanting collection of music that makes Flutronix a name to watch as they challenge the world's perception of classical music and, more specifically, the supposed limitations of the flute as an instrument!

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