Monday, September 29, 2014

Free Metal Monday: Soma-Patior


Available as a free download at the link below, "Patior" is the latest (possibly only?) release from Athens, Greece-based Soma. And for this particular band (who should not to be confused with the long-defunct UK death metal band of the same name or the dark ambient/techno project of Australian composers David Thrussell and Pieter Bourke.) it's all about black metal. Or rather it's black metal of the an experimental nature with the two-track "Patior" clocking in at over ten minutes in length! On paper it's very likely that none of that sounds particularly inspiring or interesting (and Lord knows the blah artwork doesn't help matters much!), but there's more to this band then meets the eye. For you see somewhere in between all the black metal/experimental madness that is "Patior" one can find crude traces of traditional heavy metal and it's that little extra addition (as well as the band's choice to lean closer to fundamental black metal) that makes all the difference! Whether that ultimately appeals to your senses or not this one is free so you really can't go wrong!

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