Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Steel Inferno-Arcade Warrior 7"


Steel Inferno are a 80's-inspired heavy metal/speed metal band that my friend and fellow blogger Emil Öhman indirectly turned me onto thanks to the fact that I follow his music feed on bandcamp. Formed in 2012, with this 7" serving as the band's second overall release, Steel Inferno is based in Copenhagen even if the various members of this female-fronted band originate from Greece, France, Poland and Denmark. Lead vocals are capably handled by Karen (aka Karen Collatz Christensen) with this female-fronted heavy metal/speed metal act rounded out by speed-worthy guitarists Lars (Lars Lyndorff Krelskov ) & Patrick (Patrick Thomsen Mantzouridis ), bass player Thierry and drummer Krzysztof. Musically-speaking Steel Inferno offer up the likes of Accept, Slayer, Savage Grace, Agent Steel, Iron Maiden, Omen and ADX as influences, but here on the tasty "Arcade Warrior" it's all dished out pipping hot with a fresh slice of originality serving as the mouthwatering side dish! With only two numbers though this 7" from Denmark's Steel Inferno will likely leave you longing for more so it's a damn fine deal that earlier this year the band also released a recommended demo* right? Online you can find these speed-tinged metal maniacs at this link (https://www.facebook.com/steelinferno666) while you can sample "Arcade Warrior" by heading here:http://steelinferno.bandcamp.com/album/arcade-warrior-7

And as for the band's other release? The one that turned me onto Steel Inferno in the first place? Well, that particular piece of classic hard & heavy speed entitled  "Demo 2014" can be downloaded for free by heading here: http://steelinferno.bandcamp.com/album/demo-2014. All in all you can never get enough killer female-fronted metal if you ask me so band's like Steel Inferno will always be welcome here at HMTM. Especially when they are just as capable of rocking out as they thrashing out like this five-piece is! What? I didn't mention this band's capacity to "rock out"? Where are my manors today? I must apologize as sure enough  the members of Steel Inferno have hard rock additives running through their veins. And when you take hard rock's sensibilities and you tangled it up with heavy metal-infused speed you get a band that is all the more capable of hitting you from all these different directions at once! The scene needs more band's like
Steel Inferno. The type of bands which are not afraid to get their hands dirty by digging up a little of everything spice-wise in order to make their brand of metal all the more flavorable! Needless to say I'm slapping my seal of approval on "Arcade Warrior" as well as "Demo 2014"! Two great releases from one female-fronted metal act in the same year? I can't think of the last time I've seen that happen!

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