Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Premortal Breath-They


Released back in late July of this year, "They" is the first studio offering from Germany's Premortal Breath. With eight-tracks in total (incl. such glorious gems as "Fuck My brain" and "Blood Baby Shower"!), "They" is the result of one back to the basics (heavy metal tried and true/heavy metal through and through) band that spent a full four years in training from their initial formation back in 2010 to the recording of this buzz-worthy/everything but the kitchen sink debut LP. Lead vocals come courtesy of one Thomas Greulich and his rough & ragged voice doesn't give you heavy metal goosebumps then who knows what will! Falling somewhere between the metal scene of old, underground/garage metal and German metal/thrash in general this one is admittedly better then the "kitchen sink" comment might lead you to believe. Sure there is melody to be found, but the real strength of "They" lies with it's overall heaviness and the feeling that you get that this five-piece band has poured everything they have (heart, soul and even their sanity) into the making of this righteous little banger! Available on iTunes (which is where I downloaded my copy friends!), "They" is good first-step forward for this heavy metal/thrash metal band and it should please fans who like their metal to be somewhat bleak, but nonetheless full-out wicked!


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