Monday, March 30, 2015

Free Metal Monday: Dr. Crazy-Demon Lady

Superhot Records

Dr. Crazy is heavy/hard rock band made up of Tony Reed (Mos Generator), Chris West (ex-Trippy Wicked) and Mazz (Groan). In addition to the EP's title track, "Demon Lady" features the songs "Burger and Fries", "Powerzone" and the group's own signature song, "Dr. Crazy". Released back in July of 2014, "Demon Lady" is available as a name-your-own-price download and it seems as it would be best suited for fans of classic hard rock. Or more preciously classic hard rock of the seventies and early eighties variety as everything about this Dr. Crazy seems geared towards being as retro as humanly possible. And yes, we are including the awesome artwork of "Demon Lady"! Painted by the very talented Justin T Coons, "Demon Lady"'s artwork paints a fairly accurate portrait of the music within as this is slightly easy & sleazy/loose & reckless rock and roll we're talking about! With another EP due to be released sometime later this year, "Demon Lady" is worth a quick listen if riff rocking hard rock is your drink of choice!

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