Monday, June 01, 2015

Killing Tyranny-Martyr

Twisted Prophet

Based in San Diego, Killing Tyranny is a up-and-coming traditional heavy metal/power metal band that was formed in 2014 by singer/songwriter George Gregory (ex-Outraged, ex-Ironworks). Every bit as as honest and sincere as the man who formed it, Killing Tyranny is also a socially-conscious band whose style and substance is merely reinforced by the strong lyrical-content of their original material. Inspired by the heavy metal's heyday, Killing Tyranny's appealing sound not only combines classic metal (Armored Saint, Halloween, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metal Church, etc.) and power metal/thrash (Annihilator, Defiance, Helloween, Lääz Rockit, Metallica, Toxik, etc.), but elements like progressive metal (Fates Warning, Dream Theater) and extreme metal (Pantera)! "Martyr" is Killing Tyranny's absolutely stellar full-length debut and this underground classic in the making has become a real labor of love for band-founder George Gregory. So much so in fact that the singer (and possible long-lost step-cousin of James Hetfield!) actually produced & arranged "Martyr" himself! That key piece of information becomes all the more impressive once you've heard "Martyr" for yourself. Especially given how good this 52 minutes album sounds! Recordings took place at Capricorn Studios in the band's hometown of San Diego and this 13-track CD was just released this past May. It was preceded by the single "God Bless the Child" (see video below) and in addition to that wicked cool track, the band's thrash rock signature song and album's dark & twisted speed metal title track (Black-era Metallica meets early Anthrax anyone?), "Martyr" packs 'em in tight with one sick cut following the next and so on and so on! And it keeps them coming until the aptly-titled "Weight Of The World" finishes you off with one swift blow! In essence the album closes in much the same way it opened. And this one opens by way of the fantastically heavy power metal number "Who I Am"! It's nothing short of righteous and if this hard-hitting crunch fest wasn't enough to get the blood pumping then there's always "Caged"! There's something sinister about the bottom-heavy bass of Kristopher Towne Hams on this cut, but man alive he gets the job done and it's done right! The same thing applies to Chase Ehle and his fanatical style of drumming. Not just on "The Cage", but throughout the album's 13 powerful cuts! He ends up keeping things on high alert and you simply couldn't ask for a better rhythm section than the pair of Ehle and Hams! And the guitars on "Martyr"? Sensational about cuts it! Daniel Waldrop's magically fingers help ensure that the guitars on "Martyr" thrash as hard as they do while still falling well within the comfort zone of technical metal! Whether you're talking about "The Plague", "Sleeper Cell" or "The One" it's all the same. Daniel plays with a consistent level of greatness and his whiplash style all but guarantee the listener a good time as well as a sore neck! All of which brings us to lead singer/band-founder George Gregory. As good as his band-mates are (and they are good!) George is equally skilled as a front-man. I love his work of "The One" as it's every bit as forceful as it is precise. The same can be said of  "The Plague". Here we have a number that takes Anthrax, Exodus and Testament and combines it with the heaviest piece of Metallica available. And yet there he is front and center and with a voice that makes it perfectly clear whose in charge! And these are just a few examples of what's in store when it comes to Killing Tyranny's debut album! I could spend all day breaking down the greatest of this album from it's start to finish! I could, but it's Monday so I'll spare you my further ramblings and suggest that you go and grab a CD copy of  this album for yourself! All told "Martyr" a fun listen as well as a highly-recommend pick up and it's one album that I simply cannot get enough of! 


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