Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Whisky Fyre-Whisky Fyre


Released in late July, "Whisky Fyre" is the self-titled EP from Rhode Island's premier stoner rock/doom metal band. For members Samantha Cram, Brian Rice, Tom Cat, and Michael Colantonio this EP
also represents the foursomes first stab at laying down studio recordings that fully capture the dark and mysterious essence of this riff-heavy & groovy as f**k band! In regards to that attempt (which ultimately proved successful given the breath and beauty of this four-track recording!) Whisky Fyre worked with Joe Moody at Danger Multitrack Recording and the results speak for themselves! Even if this female-fronted band is (by all accounts) a stone cold beast on the live stage this EP is as wicked as they come. Between the opener, "Not Evil" and the band's signature song there is more than enough doom-laden rock goodness to be  found on this short, but sweet release! With a run-time of just over 16 minutes one can't help but wish there was more to "Whisky Fyre" than just the four songs ("Punishment" and "War and Glory" round things out), but in this case you take what your given and at least you eat up each and every bite! Calling West Greenwich home, Whisky Fyre is one band that I would most definitely keep an eye out for. As sure as I am that my home state of Ohio is in for another crappy winter (and that my "beloved" Cleveland Browns are going to suck yet again!) I can sense great things coming for this fabulous stoner/doom band. As a matter of fact I'm 100% positive that lead vocalist Samantha Cram and her bandmates will be rocking the headlines of metal magazines in the near future! Between Samantha's killer voice and Whisky Fyre's deep music and clever lyrics there is nothing but gold to be had from this Rhode Island band so there is nowhere this group can go but up! Way up!! For now be sure to follow this band on Facebook and if you have the chance to catch Whisky Fyre live then do it! 

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