Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Singles: Daemona-The Demon Inside


Old-school death metal fans listen-up! East-Anglian based Daemona will release their new single "The Demon Inside" on March 1st and it is EVERYTHING that there is to love about classic death metal rolled up into a four minute track of chaos, brutality and despair!! Fronted by Nina "The Cuntess" Pain and currently featuring the mad skills of bassist Dan Mailer (Osmium Guillotine (live), ex-Deep Machine, ex-White Thrash, Cyrenic(live), ex-Monument (live), ex-Kaine), Daemona plays hate-fueled death metal that most-certainly helps to confront the hate that we all feel inside! "The Demon Inside" follows in the unholy footsteps of 2015's "II Demone Dentro" and finds the members of Daemona creating new ways to brutalize the eardrums of their faithful fan-base! With Strix Bellmer (guitar) and Logan "El Matador" Dennis (drums) rounding out the current line-up Daemona all things point towards 2016 being the year that this extreme beast finally breaks free!

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