Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Axxion-Back In Time


Active since 2011 (and featuring some top-notch musicians who have spent time in such group's as Skull Fist, Cauldron, and Phantom!), Axxion* is a (simply stellar) four-piece Canadian heavy metal/speed metal band with one EP, a single, and two full-length albums to it's name thanks to the forthcoming "Back In Time". The band, which is based in Toronto and lead by crazy mad vocalist Dirty D Kerr** (ex-King, ex-Midnight Malice), offers up one hell of an appealing vintage sound on their soon to be released sophomore album and with nine tracks of pure metal love going on here it's all but impossible to go wrong! The all too brief "Attakr" opens things up on "Back In Time" and from there it's just one blazing hot cut after another until the totally kick ass number that is "Sinner" finally burns everything around you to the ground!! As this highly-energetic group takes it's cues from not only 80's metal, but N.W.O.B.H.M., Swedish traditional heavy metal, and the early days of the U.S.P.M. moment (!) there is more than enough nostalgia to go around. Does that mean Axxion's newest album won't appeal to modern heavy metal fanatics? Thanks to the outstanding lead work of Sir Shred (ex-30 Years Too Late, ex-Carpadium, ex-Skull Fist ) and the overwhelming display of power that is Axxion's rhythm section*** the answer to that question is a resounding "Hell No!". True heavy metal thunder runs through the veins of this hard-hitting & high-flying Canadian band and it's almost as if it is a matter of principle that their particular take on the "subject" should be as universally accessible as humanly possible. Or to put it another way, "Back In Time" should easily find it's way into the loving hands of older and younger' metalheads alike and that is thanks in no small part to the album's overall sense of enthusiasm and this young band's keen ability to craft memorable material that makes you long to hear more! When the only downside to be found on your sophomore release is it's short length (Dammit(!), I needed way more heavy metal goodness than this album's mere 34 minute time limit allowed!!) you know your band is onto something special. But, that's Axxion for you in a nutshell! This Toronto tornado of a heavy metal band is something truly and the same goes for this gem of a release! Here in the U.S. this album is due out on October 15th so be sure to grab a reliable highlighter and circle the date! This is one album that is not to be missed!!


*Pronounced "action" and it is a fitting moniker for this Canadian act!

**Dirty D Kerr does all kinds of wild and crazy things on the mic and at times you do have to wonder if some of them are even possible in this realm of existence that we call life on planet Earth! Sometimes his high pitch notes reminded me of Steve Grimmet (Grim Reaper) while other times I wasn't sure what the hell was going on LOL! Either way it was always enjoyable and at the end of the day it made this album come alive for me!!

***Axxion's drummer is Alison Thunderland  (Phantom, ex-Skull Fist) and she is all kinds of wonderful on this heavy metal platter. This impressive musician provides some outstanding fucking awesome drumming on "Back In Time" (it is just too damn hot to handle folks!) and if that wasn't enough she also steps up to the mic when called for! That's right my fellow metal maniacs, "Back In Time" has both male and female vocals and that kind of coolness is all thanks to the one and only Alison Thunderland!! I can't help but wonder how much heavy metal would benefit from having more exceptional musicians like her, but really that is another story (and a worthwhile one at that!) that is best saved for some other time. Anyway, the bass duties on "Back In Time" fall to Axxion's newest member, Jason Decay. Well-known for his work in the group Cauldron, Jason Decay (ex-Forcefed, ex-Goat Horn, ex-Thor, ex-Ash Lee Blade (live), ex-Corpsebike, ex-Kïll Cheerleadër) brings a shit lead of talent to Axxion's latest release and in his role as the group's new bass player he does not disappoint! The bass work on "Back In Time" is nearly perfect and when it is combined with the other unique elements that are at play here it gives this 9-track album a very nice edge.

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