Friday, December 16, 2016

Ann my Guard-Ourania

Rock'N'Growl Records

Ann my Guard is a buzz-worthy Hungarian alternative heavy rock/hard rock band that was formed in 2007 by multi-instrumentalist Eszter Anna Baumann-Toth. Due out on January 17th, "Ourania" is Ann my Guard's second full-length album and it comes some two years after the release of the band's well-received debut, "Innocence Descent ". The nine-track, which is as energetic as it is melodic, finds the skilled Eszter Anna Baumann-Toth (bass and lead vocals) backed by a set of equally-impressive musicians in Krisztián Varga (guitars), Benjamin Bárkányi (guitars), and Norbert Tobola (drums). With the official video releases of "Callisto" and "Hekate" already available for your viewing pleasure (see below), fans and first-timers alike can get a brief look into what is already bound to be one of 2017's BEST alternative rock albums!

The beauty and the beasts behind Ann my Guard!
 "Novae" (a brief intro piece that shows off the killer pipes of Ann my Guard's awesome lead vocalist!) and the alternative rock-like "Asteria" open things up on Ann my Guard's forthcoming release before the catchy hit in the making, "Callistro" really gets this party going! From there we have another brief moment in "lo" and the melodic "Breathe The Sun". As the fifth track on "Ourania", "Breathe The Sun" is a reflective moment before the storm that is "Obsidian Tears". Along with the creative "Hekate", this rocker is a stand out moment for Ann my Guard. Sandwiched into "Obsidian Tears" and "Hekate" there is the short "Serpent". The soft and slow (and yet rather excellent) "The Serpent" ends this album on a high note and makes this album all the more worthy of recommendation. Well, maybe calling this release a "album" is a bit of a stretch. Not that it really matters or anything, but seeing as "Novae" (0.45), "lo" (0.54), and "Serpent" (0.55) are so short in regards to their run-times, "Ourania" is more like a EP....or maybe even a expanded EP. That is just so that people know what they are getting into. Otherwise, "Ourania" is a slice of alternative rock heaven that warms the heart and comforts the soul.  

Official video for "Callistro":

Official lyric video of "Hekate":

Incidentally the promo for this album was sent off with the following note: "Ann My Guard can be proud - a harder edged Paramore or Avril Lavigne would probably be a good reference but on the whole Ann My Guard have a strong identity of their own." While that first part is somewhat fitting (A harder edged Paramore? Sure, why not?) and I can see that second bit applying to the opening song "Asteria", Ann my Guard is absolutely rocking their own way to the top of the charts! Undoubtedly fans of Paramore will like this Hungarian lot, but then again so should anyone who likes to jam out to woman rock and rollers! 

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