Friday, December 02, 2016

Final Solution-Through The Looking Glass

Logic(il)logic Records / Andromeda Dischi

Final Solution is an Italian metal band that was founded in June of 2011 by guitarist Fabio Pedrali and drummer Andrea Gorio. As of this writing the band is comprised of Mario Manenti (vox), Fabio Pedrali (lead guitar), Alessandro Martinelli (rhythm guitar), Gabriele Savoldi (bass), and Gianluca Borlotti (drums).
Released this past September,  "Through The Looking Glass" is the full-length debut album for Final Solution and it was recorded, mixed and mastered by Oscar Burato at Atomic Stuff Studio, Isorella, Brescia, Italy. It features eight tracks and has a run-time of just over 35 minutes. While this band reportedly started out in life  playing a standard form of death metal, "Through The Looking Glass" displays a melodic form of metal that is part modern metal and part groove metal. With solid singing from Mario Manenti and the well-placed usage of HEAVY guitars solos from Fabio Pedrali, "Through The Looking Glass" is a good starting point for this hard-edged outfit. Even though there are not any particular songs that stick out from the rest, Final Solution's first release is as solid as they come. For fans of  HARD & HEAVY groove metal this up-and-coming Italian metal band has plenty to offer.....

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