Thursday, March 09, 2017

The Murder Of My Sweet-Echoes of the Aftermath

Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Sweden's one and only The Murder Of My Sweet (vocalist Angelica Rylin, guitarist Christopher Vetter, bassist Patrik Janson, and drummer, keyboardist, producer, and founder Daniel Flores) are now on their forth full-length album. As I've already covered the group's last two albums (link), "Echoes of the Aftermath" is almost a must-hear release in these parts. I'm not sure that I would have it any other way. Self-dubbed "cinematic metal", The Murder of My Sweet is more or less a vehicle for Angelica Rylin's captivating voice and that hasn't changed on the group's latest piece. For those of you who might not be all that familiar with Daniel Flores and his band, symphonic metal is a solid enough staring place to describe this graceful act. Said genre is greatly inspired by movie scores and film noir storytelling (in a very good way!) and things like melodic metal, hard rock, progressive rock, and the more appealing aspects of A.O.R. are simply along for the ride. The multi-talented Daniel Flores did a nice job with the overall production and I have no complaints about the songwriting or the performances. While I would have liked to see this skilled band take a few more chances, personal preferences are just that-personal. This is a good (albeit it safe) recording that plays to the band's strengths. If you liked 2015's "Beth Out Of Hell" as much as I did then you should find this album pleasing.

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