Thursday, November 02, 2017

Isenordal - Lughnasadh MMXVII


Hanged Man

This is a two track demo tape from this Seattle based acoustic doom act even though they knocked out a full length effort early this year.. First up is Inevitable product of the foretold which lumbers on with a thick, rolling riff. It's accompanied by both and female vocals which frequently take over the music at times which works out in the end. The track starts out alright, but definitely becomes more interesting as it progresses. It's decent enough, but seems to end right as it starts to become interesting. Dissolution into the earth is up next (and last). This is more like it for me. I definitely feel the dark vibe in this one more and it's far heavier and quite honestly has a stronger song structure. For both tracks I listened to them with and without headphones and can say that I definitely prefer them with headphones. That doesn't always make a difference, but with this style I felt it did. Total track time is around twelve minutes so if you get a chance and like a different approach to your doom check it out.

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