Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Check out Villain


I got an e-mail from a member of Villain to check out their band on Myspace. Villain are a hard rock/glam band hailing from Spartanburg/Chapin, South Carolina. They have three tracks up over at Myspace. I like the guitar tone overall and I defintely like the direct approach and the quick changes. The drums kind of sounded the same on every song, not bad yet a little dull. The vocals were hit and miss as there were parts that worked and parts that fell flat. I also think that the vocals didn't always flow well enough with the music. Now that the last part could just be something that could be fixed with production once they get to the next step. I like the spirit of the band and the fact that don't sound just like one particular band. However, I think they need to work on tightening things up a bit and getting everything to getting everything to mesh together a little more. So hop over there and check out their tunes.



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