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Sister interview


Sister hail from Sweden and they have been around for over two years. I recently checked in with drummer Cari to find out more about this band and what they are up to.

MM-Tell us a little about your band?

Cari- Sister is a four piece, shock rock n' roll band from Sweden.. The band is about two years old and we've recorded three demos.

MM-What are some of the first rock albums that you really got into and why?

Cari- Oh shit.. very hard to tell. Of course it is all those classic rock albums from bands like Kiss, Guns N' roses, Mötley Crüe and stuff like that. I think if I should choose some special albums that has been really important to us as a band, if i should try to please everyone of us, it's Stakk Attakk from Wrathchild UK and Deadboys In Trash City by Alleycat Scratch.

MM-You changed bass players back around the beginning of the summer. How is the new line-up working out?

Cari- Yes, we did. The change has just helped us out in a lot of ways. Of course, in the beginning it was a disaster but i think we've learned to deal with problems that we couldn't do before and so on. And best of all, we've now got Rikki in the band and we fuckin' love him. He a great musician and totally fits into the band in every way.

MM-Have you gotten any interest from any record labels?

Cari- Yes we have, but not from any interesting label. I mean, we want the real deal and not some shitty label that just gonna give us problems, then we rather stick to the underground. You know, i see a lot of bands nowadays that give away their music to some shitty "record label" just because they think it sounds cool to be signed. I mean fuck that! They will get nothing but trouble and their music will never be heard anyway. It is 2008 and the music industry is not what it used to be and there is still people out there thinking that once you've got signed, you automatically gonna make it... That is unfortunately not the case.

MM-How many original songs do you guys have now?

Cari- We have ten songs recorded right now and a lot of more songs that's aren't done yet and recorded.

MM-What are some of your songs about?

Cari- Life.. and to stand up for yourself.

MM-What cover songs do you play live?

Cari-Oh, that's an interesting one. We love to play covers. Usually we play one cover on a gig. I mean, fuck this stupid proudness that bands have that only play your own songs. We wanna party! We've played songs from Alleycat Scratch, Faster Pussycat, Wrathchild UK, Pretty Boy Floyd, Mötley Crüe and stuff like that. Our favorite is our version of The Primitives - Crash. We also have a song that we only play at one place in the world.. The Paunchy Cats club in Lichtenfels, Germany. Hehe;)


MM-How do you think this band has progressed during the two years you have been around?

Cari- Well, everything has gone really really fast and that's the way we wasn't things to be. We won't slow down.

MM-You played some shows with Crashdiet and Panzer Princess not too long ago. How did that go and do you have any interesting stories from those shows?

Cari- Yeah, it was great. Going from one city to another with people you just love and playin' and drinkin' all the time, that's what it's all about. A lot of crazy nights with women, booze, fights and party.. When you put it/us all together, it can't end up good!

MM-There seems to have been a huge outpouring of 80’s style glam bands coming out of Sweden in recent years. Why do you think that is?

Cari- Well, I don't know.. I just think it's like the best thing that ever happened to mankind, so I love it! Of course Crashdiet were the ones that started this whole rodeo.. So let's say thanks to them and hope that this shit is gonna be bigger then ever!

MM-What bands would you love to open for?

Cari- Of course it would be cool to play with all of those old LA sleaze bands from the 80's and so on. But right now it would be awesome to get over to the US and open some shows for Vains Of Jenna and just make the Swedish sleaze get bigger. I fuckin' love what they are doing over there.


MM-What sets Sister apart from other glam bands of today?

Cari- Shit... everything! I mean, we're doing this shit die hard and we're ain't gonna stop untill we're totally satisfied, and believe me, that will take time.
A lot of bands take music as a hobby or whatever. For us, it is everything. Our life.

MM-What do you hope to accomplish in 2008?

Cari- A lot of things. New songs, merch, gigs and all kinda stuff. We're planning to get to the US to play some this summer. Hopefully, the right record label will contact us so we could record and release our debut album.

MM-Pick the band you prefer from the following pairs and tell why you picked that band.


Motley Crue or Ratt

- Oh, hate this shit.. Well, i have to say Motley.. Just because they are Motley, they have it all.

Poison or Warrant

- Poison! I've never liked Warrant that much,, Poison were cool. Warrant just feels lame.

Hanoi Rocks or New York Dolls

- Oh, hard one... I love both bands.. But i think that Hanoi Rocks wins in the end. Hanoi's music is just magic.

Faster Pussycat or Pretty Boy Floyd

- Faster Pussycats attitude and PBF's look.. If you got that combination, you don't have to write good songs at all.. you'll make it anyway!;) Two awesome bands.

MM-Is there anything else that you would like to say about your band or your music?

Cari- Be sure to check us out on our website and on Myspace. Spread the word of Sister and come see us live! Take your mother with ya;)
Thanxx to all our fans out there you make sister grow as a band everyday and we love you!

http://www.sisteronline.net/ (under construction at the moment)


Take care!
/Cari, drummer of SISTER

Thanks to Cari for doing the interview.


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