Thursday, March 20, 2008

Diamond Head-Borrowed Time

Metal Mind

Has there been anything written about Diamond Head in the last 19 years that didn't mention Metallica? Possibly not because they are likely always going to be associated with the band that chose to cover "Am I evil?". Diamond Head were of course part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal Movement that spawned so many acts in the early 1980's and changed the whole metal scene worldwide. Suprisingly Diamond Head are far more melodic than you might imagine given their impact on Metallica. Although fairly involved, the music leans as much towards hard rock as it does towards metal and this album in particular shows some definite shades of progressive music as well. Where I think shine is in how they take their time developing a number of their songs. I think they pull the listener in a bit more and cause you to really take notice of all that's going on. Certainly this is an album that's more about the playing style than it is about the tones being used. Don't expect to instantly clobbered, but instead sit back and let the whole song play out and then I think that you will appreciate it a little more. It's perhaps a little more low key than I would have liked, but certainly an important album for the time due to the playing and the way they assemble the song as a unit. This version from Metal Mind includes six bonus tracks, two of which are live plus an interview with Sean Harris and Colin Kimberley. Another fine re-issue and an album worth checking out, but set your expectations at good rather than great.

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Blogger Hard Rock Hideout said...

I reviewed this yesterday at HRH, and my take was quite similar to yours.

I haven't done Canterbury yet, but its coming soon.

Rob Rockitt
Hard Rock Hideout

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