Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Danger-Shove it up your azz and California Red

Shove it up your azz

This is the most recent demo from Danger although I believe they are currently working on some new songs as well. This three track demo is a big improvement over California Red. The production is almost at the level of a good album level rather than just typical demo quality.The vocals are even better as they have more of a bite and even more attitude on two of the tracks. The music sounds like they turned up the energy level a notch or so and they needed it. The opener "Shove it" is a typical glam anthem, but it's done with enough force and fire that I bought into it right from the start. Diamond Lightz has a real mid-1980's feel all over it. I like the vocals and the music is decent, but it goes on a bit too long and seems a little repetitive. The closer "On the run" picks back up as it's a nice, thick mid-tempo slab of hard rock that's very easy to get into. On this demo they sound a little like CrashDiet and a little like Motley Crue. Overall they are getting to be at a good point as far being ready to do a full length album as soon as some label inevitably signs them.


California Red

This is the second most recent demo from Swedish glam band Danger. It contains three tracks and while the pace of each may be different from one another, the overall sound is similar. They sound quite a bit like Pretty Boy Floyd musically, but the vocals are a little more distinctive. The vocals are are probably the band's biggest strength here as they strong and consistent. The music is pleasing enough, but a little too sedate at times. It's decent glam rock, but they never quite open up or push ahead enough to really make a huge dent. I like what's hear, but it's all a little safe and that makes it feel like they are limiting themselves to an extent. Not bad at all, but in such a crowded field as the glam scene in Sweden these days, I think they need get their hooks and chops going at it a little more in order to make any real impression.

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