Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Overcast-Reborn to kill again

Metal Blade

There are two very interesting aspects about Overcast before the album even starts. The first is that this band actually started out way back to 1991 and the second is that Mike D’Antonio of Killswitch Engage and Brian Fair from Shadows Fall were part of this band. To me that’s interesting because we oftentimes think of metalcore as a very new sound or trend. Yet there were acts cranking out forms of this style back in the 1990’s, it’s just that musical trends were different and many of these acts were embraced as strongly as strongly back then as they have been during our current decade. Metalcore this may be yet it’s immediately obvious than these guys pulled elements of styles that they liked and were capable of playing at a high level. That last part sounds like it should be rather automatic yet too many acts don’t follow that rule. Overcast give a good hard kick in the gut style that pulls in hardcore, death metal, thrash and even some classic metal parts. Perhaps the most important part of this album is that they sound equally comfortable handling the various styles. They also do a fine job of keeping all the gears in motion while still making most of the parts really count. There are a few forgettable moments where they glide rather push, but those moments tend to be brief. So due to the connections of some band members this band got to finally do what they wanted to years ago and they take advantage of the opportunity.

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