Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cowboy Prostitutes-Swingin’ at the fences


Oh, look it’s a glam band with a raunchy name from where else? Yeah, Sweden of course where of the glam bands seem to be pouring out in droves these days. Yet it took of about a minute or so into the opening track “Rock ‘n roll jail” for me to realize that this band were not content to just be part of the pack, but they were going to move to front and help lead the charge. This band obviously puts much more of an emphasis on their music then on their image and I mean that as the highest compliment. They give a good kick in the face with the energy of the Skid Row, follow it up with some sleazy Faster Pussycat style vocals and top it off with cocky swagger of early 70’s Rolling Stones. That is where they are coming from and that is exactly what they bring to this wild ride. It’s not entirely original yet it’s so easy to get sucked in by their spirit. You can easily put a finger on what the Cowboy Prostitutes are doing yet it’s so addictive that you instantly want more. Fortunately they keep feeding it to you with catchy, head bobbers like “Dancing on my grave” and “Mr. Two Timing”. It could have done with a little less piano because it did cut down on the edge that some of their songs could have had. Now I really expected 2008 to be a banner year for glam, but I was wrong because there have not been enough good albums. However the Cowboy Prostitutes can take pride in the fact that along with Leaded Fuel they have released one of the two great glam albums of 2008.

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