Friday, October 17, 2008

Gojira-The way of all flesh


Gojira is the Japanese word for Godzilla if you were wondering. A French band with a Japanese name might certainly be different and the band’s music stands out as well. Much like the giant monster they are named after, Gojira triumphantly stop their way forward only they do with an arsenal of death, thrash and hardcore here on their fourth album. The overall pace is certainly familiar, but their down tuned sound helps to define their style. Although they incorporate several well-known styles they are difficult to pin down because like moving target they just always seem to stay in motion. The band seems to have an ceaseless supply of tremor inducing riffs and rattling, odd sounds. The song structures are remarkably tight and they have a good idea of to sustain song, but I did feel like they missed some chances to insert a few more melodies and movements at various points. Gojira are easily distancing themselves from a whole pack of these days just due to their willingness to blend several different sounds at once. They frequently manage to make use of repeated riffs as a positive feature. Normally that approach would mean being repetitious in a negative sense, but Gojira manages to turn it into the backbone for many of their songs and it advances the overall feel. The difference is likely that this band knows how to use and manipulate layers of sound to their advantage. I did get a definite feeling that the album was a little too long. I think we all could of benefited from it being a song or two shorter. Gojira are certainly a band who have come into their own in recent years.

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