Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rose Tattoo-Blood Brothers (Special Tour Edition)


Long running Aussie rock band Rose Tattoo actually released "Blood Brothers" last year, but this is the tour edition which includes the CD plus a live DVD presenting the band's performance at the Wacken festival back in 2006. So let's have at the CD first, I always admired these guys for their ability to create just rough and dirty real gritty rock without a lot of flash. They have always been compared to AC/DC and they do sound like earlier AC/DC although obviously Rose Tattoo have stayed closer to their roots which is a good thing in this case. Once again they show their worth on this album with tracks like the rough and tumble "Black eyed bruiser", the no-nonsense rocker "Man about town" and "Slipping Away" which revolves around my favorite riff on the album. This band has had times where they didn't exist and they have had band members pass away. So it hasn't been an easy road for these guys yet they have persevered and have managed to soldier forth and stay genuine to the type of music they been playing over thirty years ago. Rose Tattoo thrive on putting out the kind of solid rock music that is so easy to get into. Still in a scene where so many bands try to sound and look like the real deal, it's readily apparent that Rose Tattoo are the real thing and it seems to come rather easy for them as well.
The live DVD included here has the band sounding strong on a major stage and the DVD helps make this a very worthwhile set.

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