Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Skull Hammer-Fear the truth


Skull Hammer hail from Framingham, Massachusetts and formed just last year. This four song EP doesn't quite fall into just one category. It has metal with elements of classic metal, thrash and a few other sub-genres all stirred into the pot. There is definitely a late 1980's feel to their approach due to the raw stripped down sound. If this was 1987 then I could definitely see Skull Hammer being on New Renaissance records. Something about their approach has me thinking of bands like Kublai Khan, At War and some others. I hear some early Anthrax and Nuclear Assault in Skull Hammer's sound although they have as many mid-tempo parts as they do thrash pieces. The sound is crunchy and I think the slightly dull guitar actually helps give their sound that old school underground metal sound. These guys are a little different from the huge pack of retro-thrash bands that are out in abundance today. Skull Hammer know how to vary the pace and style more than many of those other bands. Even on just four songs I can really hear the potential that they have. I do have just two complaints about the disc. The first is that the drums are at times too loud in the mix particularly on the first song. The other is just that the whole disc seemed to be over too quickly. I liked every song, but they have the talent to add more to their songs and we would all benefit from it. If you liked underground metal from the late 1980's then this disc might be right up your alley.


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