Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Boneshaker-Start the race


If a band is strongly influenced by an established act then it can be hard to get beyond being just a copy. In order to get beyond that level you have to bring some thing else to the game to make people care. If you don't or can't add anything then what you are doing isn't much different than being a tribute band. French hard rock act Boneshaker obviously love Bon Scott era-AC/DC. After all their previous release was almost half AC/DC covers. Their whole existence revolves around simple chords and heavy blues rock. No curve balls here, intricate playing or long winding passages. That's quite okay because what is here is revved up, blood pumping hard rock with a razor sharp edge. They rarely take a breath or pause and that's a large part of their appeal. Okay, I have heard this style before, Boneshaker are more consistent than other acts. They don't stop for much of anything because just plow forward. I remember hearing hard rock albums where you would get a few good fast songs here and there. This band doesn't hold back and if you just live for full-throttle hard rock then this disc is for you. I enjoyed it a lot as it was like having a big sugar rush that goes straight to your head. Very basic style for sure, but they know how to deal with it and it's an improvement from their previous material.


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Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

I loved this album

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