Sunday, February 22, 2009

Top ten albums of 1985


Here they are.

1)Anthrax-Spreading the disease
2)Exodus-Bonded by blood
3)WASP-The last command
4)Over Kill-Feel the fire
5)Armored Saint-Delirious Nomad
6)Celtic Frost-To mega therion
7)Lizzy Borden-Love you to pieces
8)Artillery-Fear of tomorrow
10)Helloween-Walls of Jericho

Let's see Diamond Dave was out of Van Halen, the PMRC created a mess and metal was still growing. This was kind of an odd year. So many big name bands released albums in 1984 so many of them were not ready release albums the following year. A number of the big name bands like AC/DC, Twisted Sister, Motley Crue and KISS released albums that were mediocre or worse. However this was definitely a year where underground metal was growing by leaps and bounds. Thrash was getting ready to explode. I don't consider live albums for these lists. However Iron Maiden's Live after death came out this year and it's easily the best live metal album of the decade if not of all time.

Okay, I am satisfied with the lists I did for 1986-1989. So if you want to see my 1986 list then you can go into the archives for December of 2006. For 1987 check out the December 2007 archives and I did the 1988 and 1989 lists last month. So now I am actually going to journey back to the 1970's. I am going to start with 1979 and work my way back. I have decided to do a top five rather than a top ten. Now I could come up with a good top ten for some of the later years of the decade, but not so much for the very early years. So for the sake of consistency it will be top five lists.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

twas a good year for sure. i think my top 10 would differ quite a bit.

6:47 AM  

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