Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dogs of winter- From soil to shale


While listening to the debut from the trio known as Dogs of winter I was left with one question in mind and that being "what is this?". I mean that not so much in the bizarre sense, but more in reference to my inability to really pin down their sound immediately. The one constant to all of the songs is that the rhythm section is huge. I mean in your face, spine-rattling bass lines and mountain size drum beats that all come pouring out as soon as the songs begin. They are not just keeping time or just guiding the activities, but instead they take control and make the guitars and vocals have to step up to really keep everything on an equal basis. They not only step up to the challenge, but rather they charge forward with piles of fuzzed out riffs and the two vocalists working in tandem. The results are like being tossed into a washing machine on spin cycle because every part is loud and in constant motion. Defining the overall finished project isn't easy because they mix the styles and keep you guesssing. At times it almost if they chopped off the prime parts of hard rock, metal and punk them keep them all going at the same as part of a whole like some hyper juggler. The growl, scream, roar, slam, push and plow their way through their tracks with unbridled enthusiasm. If there was a downside it was that it seemed a little too short or maybe I was just hoping for more. Nontheless, check it out and prepare to be sucked in by the madness of Dogs of winter.


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Blogger brian said...

mark - thanks for the great review - and remember, everyone can download the album for FREE at www.dogsofwinter.com

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