Saturday, August 07, 2010

Snew-We do what we want



I remember reviewing Snew's debut "Snew you" a couple of years ago. Of course I remembered them because of the slightly odd band name. I also remembered that they did a decent interpretation of Bon Scott era AC/DC. Since that time even more AC/DC type bands have sprung up in fact barely two months goes by without me hearing a new one. Despite the crowded field Snew still manage to stay ahead of the pack. They pick in a fair amount of 80's style hard rock attitude and stretch at least a little further beyond their debut. Took me a few songs to really hear that, but they are trying to grow at least a little. More than anything they know how to have fun with it and waste little time getting at the meat of their songs. They keep everything relatively short and to the point which is a main reason why they are able to pull this off while other bands just sound like second rate AC/DC. I still would like to see them push the barriers a little more and try to find more of their own sound, but that may come. Snew have manage to keep the attitude I liked on the debut, but now the music is even better the second time around.

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