Thursday, December 23, 2010


Retroactive Records 1982/2010

Recorded in 1982 by Tom Allen (legendary producer who has worked with Judas Priest and Black Sabbath) for A&M Mass's debut album was left to collect dust after problems arose between the record label and the band's manager. After fighting to regain the rights to the album for several years they started over and released a self financed EP. Selling over 10,000 copies of the EP the band was eventually signed by RCA. They released New Birth and moved on with their career. Finally after all these years Retroactive Records worked with Mass to re-release their debut album. Remastered from the original source material Fighter is a look back at the 1980's metal scene. In fact this is classic 80's metal. The title track is a heavy rocker which would have been one of the first singles from the record. It has a doom feeling to as well. While several of the tracks did show up re-recorded for New Birth (incl. the minor hit Do You Love Me) they were too polished taking away from edge they originally carried. Had this record come out in 1982 it very well could have made Mass more well known. Tunes like "Change Your Way" (with it's Iron Maiden feel) were made for 80's radio. These young lads showed a lot of promise and A&M messed up by allowing this to slip into obscurity. Vocalist Louie St. August really doesn't sound like any other singer. He has his own sound and really makes Fighter stand out. Retroactive Records has done a great job with this re-release. Packaged with a booklet that gives you the band's history this CD is a real find. Fan's of 80's metal take note. Mass has the right balance of heaviness, harmony and melody. There's rockers and ballads that are typical or the era. With Fighter your given the chance to uncover a lost treasure that slipped by us all the first time around.

Note: Not to be confused with the Mass from Germany.


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