Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Krampus-Kronos’ Heritage


Italy’s melodic death folk metal band Krampus was formed in 2009. Following a 2010 demo the group released the independent EP Shadows of Our Time in 2011. Now hot on the heals of Shadows of Our Times comes this killer three song EP titled Kronos’ Heritage. After spending the past summer playing various European Festivals Krampus has started to make a name for themselves in the folk metal scene and this three song EP will only help them in their cause. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure yet of hearing Krampus comparisons have been made to Switzerland's Eluveitie. Sure enough Krampus plays the same kind of fast-paced folk/death metal although for my money this young band offers quite a bit more thanks to their in depth lyrics. Their bio sums it up best though as it states: "the band has a powerful message behind the lyrics as they deal with the ever changing state of humanity, nature, and social issues. As clearly seen in the lyrics, the band is adamant about making their fans aware of the current state of the world and bringing to light the need for change and for humanity to take responsibility for itself as the world heads into darker times". Sure enough the lyrics truly do make a difference here as you can actually make out what is being sung. Starting with the title cut Krampus unleash three tracks of epic metal. "Kronos' Heritage" gives way to the stunning track "Aftermath". This one track is worth the price of admission alone. "My Siege" ends things the right way making you yearn to hear more. So far we have only been teased with these short releases so let's hope that Krampus gets picked up and given a proper budget to release a full-length. Melodic folk/death is something to behold when done right and Krampus have all the tools to become a serious force in the scene. Their music is melodic and intriguing while retaining enough edge to give it that extra something that metal fans crave. Be sure to track this one down because Krampus will be huge before you know it and frankly it's always good to be able to say you were in on something great before the masses came along.


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