Friday, August 19, 2011

The Generators-Last of the pariahs

DC Jam

The Generators have been on the forefront of the Southern California punk scene since 1997, and were recently mentioned in USA Today as one of America’s most underrated punk bands. Recorded and produced by award-winning producer Richard Mouser (Weezer, Chris Cornell), Last of the Pariahs is the band’s eighth full-length release and their debut on DC-Jam Records. Frankly this is a bit more melodic/pop oriented than I normally like my punk rock. However the Generators do a fine job of selling their songs by just being so instantly catchy. Tracks like "Angel looking down","Condition Red" and "Prime time from plastic city" were just so easy to enjoy the first time around. Nothing deep here, but just slick and riffs with likable choruses. It's not as raw as edgy as I was hoping for perhaps, but still fun for what it is.

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