Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sigh-Scorn Defeat


Japan's Sigh originally releases the seven track album Scorn defeat back in 1993. The band sometimes gets lumped in with the black metal genre, but that's not an exact match for what they because they are so much more than that. Even though this early album is different from their later work it still showed many sparks of their odd brilliance. Sigh were opening boundaries for metal and pushing beyond the limited confines of the style to some extent even back then. Tracks like "Gundali" and "Ready for the final war" hear the band creating their own style and sounding very comfortable with it. This re-issue includes much more than the original album. We are treated to a pile of bonus tracks including covers, demos and songs from split albums. All together this package serves as a decent time capsule for Sigh. The Scorn Defeat songs are my favorite here, but the bonus tracks are solid as well. In a year that has already seen some great re-issues this one still stands out as one of the best so far.

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