Sunday, August 14, 2011

Megaton Leviathon-S/T

Volatile Rock

Hailing from Portland, Oregon this band plays a brand of doom/drone/psychedlic rock. This is a five track EP running around 35 minutes. However the relatively short time frame does little to restrain Megaton Leviathon from achieving a vast sound that makes the album feel much longer and I mean that last part in a good way. The music is frequently downtuned and they vary between slow barely moving drone and twisting more active passages. The moods vary as wellas something like "Time Fades" has a slightly upbeat twist and manages to be relatively vibrant. While "Turlock" manages to have a more sullen undertones despite the steady pace. As far vocals go they chose the under the surface approach you do have to strain a little or adjust the volume on your player to hear it the way you might like to. This band's greatest skill is no doubt their ability to convey emotion with fairly simple chords and beats. That's not a skill that is easily achieved, but they may it look easy. Definitely worth a listen.



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