Sunday, August 14, 2011

Forgotten Gems:Breaker-Get Tough!

Original cover
Re-issue cover

Ohio's Breaker formed back in 1982 naming themselves after an Accept album. This album was originally recorded in 1984, but various problems delayed the release and it didn't come out until 1987. That delay doesn't change the fact that this is a tremendous album. It went out of print quickly and in the following years this album became highly sought after. Even a bootleg version made the rounds until 2000 when the album was re-issued and included a second disc of bonus tracks. Breaker sound is solid classic style metal influenced by the likes of Accept, Judas Priest, Saxon and others. Tracks like "Lie to me", "Razor's Edge" and "Black and white" are just a few of the solid pounding tracks on this album. Actually every song here is good and after just one listen you'd be singing these songs along with the album. They are truly that memorable. They have their hooks down and a wonderful attention to detail. They knew how to hit hard and keep the momentum going on all ten tracks. It's a shame that the album didn't get released in 1984 and that when it was released that they didn't get more notice because they sure deserved it. They achieved a cult statue of sorts on the underground, but these guys sure had the chops to really be a major player in the 80's. Still one has to be glad to hear this album again. For the re-issue the second disc contains some gems and some just okay songs, but if you get this version you can't really argue a whole bonus disc worth of Breaker. Get Tough! is highly recommended.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Breaker's Accept album is one of my faves.

7:52 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

I've always like Breaker especially since they were from Ohio.

12:04 PM  

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