Friday, August 19, 2011


Agonia Records

Towards The Ultimate makes album number two for Norwegian black death band Svarttjern. Formed in 2003 Svarttjern (which is Norwegian for ''black tarn'') fit in nicely within the current black metal scene. Since the early part of the 90s Norwegian black metal has erupted and Svarttjern are the latest band looking to make a name for themselves with twisted tails of evil. Always the blasphemers, Svarttjern are lead by the capable HansFyrste (of Ragnarok fame). While this isn't anything you've heard a million times before it does captivate you with it's darkness. HansFyrste knows how to draw you in and the band offers a mixture of true black metal and melodic death. It might not win black metal release of the year, but it does have a certain appeal especially if you can't get enough of Norse black metal. Straightforward black metal has a charm all it's own and Towards The Ultimate is true to that spirit. This is more than a worthy follow-up to 2009's Misanthropic Path of Madness and with time Svarttjern just might develop into something truly fierce.


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