Sunday, November 04, 2012

Vomitor-The Escalation


Hell's Headbangers

Australia's Vomitor have been around since the late 90's and created numerous demos, an EP, a split album, a live album and 2013's The Escalation will be their third full length album. I had never heard of these guys before but it seemed like they received mostly positive feedback on their other albums. Don't expect complicated, multi-layered songs or meaningful lyrics. No this down and dirty even silly old school thrash. Think back to the days when thrash meant noise and production was almost non-existent. The influenced here include a huge dose of Venom, early Sodom, Kreator, early Whiplash and plenty of other thrash acts from around the 83-85 era. The sound is sound is low and messy that I squeezing the headphones to my head and still straining to hear the low sore-throated vocals that were growling far below the music. I am assuming that is intentional. The music is simple for the most part, but on occasion they will have one simple rhythm marching along and then suddenly wrap some spirals of sound around it and really pick up the energy level. Fortunately that kind of attack happens often enough to make this album somewhat interesting. Just when I think a song is going to only stick to one path they throw everything into it. It's not a stretch that almost every song here doesn't peak until the final third of the track.The results overall are sometimes messy, but they mostly kept my attention. Vomitor sure aren't going to change the metal world at all, but they are entertaining enough to warrant a few plays.

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