Thursday, November 01, 2012

Lavett-Find Your Purpose


This Swedish "west coast-based" 5-piece most certainly fall into the category of alternative metal. "Find Your Purpose" definitely is something different. It's modern metal at it's core, but with eclectic influences weighing it down. Made up of musicians who previously played in the bands Lost Horizon, Dead by April, Sundown, Beseech and Serenade for June (none of which I am at all familiar with off hand) it's unclear exactly what these guys were aiming for. It sounds electronic at times while it also goes about bringing in diverse elements from everything-melodic metacore, heavy rock, radio rock, melodic rock, etc. Despite the fact that the band seem unsure where they want to be as far as a band goes (A heavier Linkin Park? A melodic rock version of My Chemical Romance without the melancholy and mascara?) it sometimes comes off as inspired. Sometimes being the key word there. The ability is there to create something sick but, it seems so hit or miss right now. One could argue that part of the problem is the way in which Lavett overuses "harsh vocals". While metalcore is fine as red wine (especially to these ears) it has been used ad nausea by far too many groups. I suspect that this would sound more evened out if the band didn't use the heavier gruff vocals as much and instead sprinkled them lightly into the mix. Even so there is a lot to like about these guys and I look forward to seeing what the future holds in store for Lavett.

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