Tuesday, October 30, 2012



This is an EP from Sweden's Confidence and it's a bit of a strange one. Strange in that it sounds like post-Dio era Rainbow mixed with various stages of Uriah Heep with some odd paced vocals thrown in. Odd as in the singer sounds like a cross between Joe Lynn Turner, Kevin Dubrow and Peter Wabbit (of Witch in case you didn't know). So take all that and drag it into the big slick production of the mid-80's that was slapped on albums by bands like Whitesnake and you get an idea of what this band is doing. Make sense? No, it doesn't totally make sense to me either and it didn't on the first spin either. So I let it sit and returned again and again then it started to sink in and agree with me a little more. There are still uneven almost clunky seconds here and there which means this isn't totally tight, but it's very busy and ambitious effort. Mostly they have the skill to make it sound quite promising. These are some different yet welcome influences. An interesting release with enough potential to make me really want to hear what they could do on a full length effort.

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