Monday, October 29, 2012

Free Music Monday: Little Caesar/Decibel Consulting And Design Compilation Vol. 3

Unison Music Group

It's "Free Music Monday" here at Heavy Metal Time Machine as I offer up to all of you, our faithful followers and readers, the first of two free downloads. First up we have a 6-track compilation EP from every one's favorite hard rock/blues rock band, Little Caesar. As a thank you to the fans who supported the band's latest release, "American Dream", Little Caesar is offering a free download of "Knuckle Sandwich" through NoiseTrade. This EP is a compilation of Little Caesar's "best songs" spanning their entire career. Among the songs is the no longer available live track, "Ballad Of Johnny". This download is free for the taking thanks to Noisetrade. Just provide your email and a link will be promptly e-mailed your way. Before we get on to the second free offering a special thanks must be given to Sleaze Roxx who provided the initial link and information. Kudos Sleaze Roxx. You can download the EP here:

Decibel Consulting And Design

This compilation was originally handed out free to those who attended the Oct.16th Seether/Sick Puppy concert at Mill City Nights in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Decibel Consulting And Design (see link below for more information on the company) is now offering a free download of the compilation for those of us who didn't make the show. Since most compilations are hit or miss anyway (especially when they feature unsigned and/or unknown names) I wouldn't dare to lie and say this one is any different. Of the 20 tracks presented on this free compilation at least half of them offer little in the way of new ideas (The same old song and dance melodic metalcore routine? I'll pass), but there were some hidden gems to be found. Since the purpose of these sort of compilations is to not only expose you to new acts that you had previously never heard before (obviously), but also to get you to want to check out these new bands then "Vol. 3" does achieve that. It's interesting that on a compilation that featured some good modern metal (Fist to the Sky and Silent Theory) and a rather interesting (male and female vocals) take on melodic metalcore/death metal (courtesy of Nine Day Fall) it would be the more traditional rock outfits that would impress me. I found myself fully engaged with Goldenground's subtle and soft "Letter To A Firetrain Girl". It is a slightly "alternative" number with a lush arrangement. As good as it is though it was The Black Saints that really did it for me. The band offers a simply killer raw and greasy take on dirty rock 'n roll with just enough of a punk edge (New York Dolls maybe?) to make you hungry for more. The Black Saints are pure garage rock n' rock and worth the price of admission alone! And, since there is no price tag on this 20 track download, there is no reason not to check out this compilation right?


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