Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Forgotten Gems-Jaded-s/t


I remember a review of the self-released debut from this all-female Boston area band back in 2006. I bought their album soon after that and wasn't disapointed. Actually in recent months I had not heard it in a while. Yesterday I was going to do some heavy duty cleaning in the basement last night so I needed some music. As I raided a bin that I have not opened in month I came upon this CD. So I took it with me on my task. Right away "Get up" came blasting on and it flooding back to me just how good this band was. If that song didn't convince me then the power of the next track "Jet car" definitely did with it's powerful main riff. Jaded at this point were a real mix of styles. Some songs let you know that they really enjoyed the party type, late 70's hard rock like KISS and Starz. Other tracks follow more mid-80's metal anthems along the lines of say Judas Priest and Warlock. Either way they put their own brand on whatever style they decide to tackle. In many ways they sound like a band I would expect to have been playing around 1985-1987. That's not putting a limit on them, but rather just saying that their music does anice job of echoing styles from that time period. On their debut they went the lead and studs look plus they had stage names like "Abbey Dragon" and "Britt Lightning". I know they opened for a number of national bands back then including WASP and Skid Row. The music here certainly makes me think it would translate very well to a live format. After this album the band went through some line-up changes. The last I heard of them they released an EP about two years ago and they had more of a less 80's metal look. There six year old debut is worth tracking down.

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