Saturday, October 20, 2012

Alltheniko-Back in 2066 (Three Head Mutant Chronicles)

Pure Steel Records

How's that album title for a mouthful of metal? Italy's Alltheniko (the Metal Archives says, in regards to the name, "comes by a "pronunciation word's game", about their city's provenience: Oldenico (Vercelli) so take that for what it's worth folks) have been kicking around since 2002 or so and this looks to be album number four. This three-piece band plays tasty speed/power metal/thrash that is more on the raw end of the spectrum while still maintaining enough technical skills to keep things from being a bloody mess.Think for a second some "Painkiller" era Judas Priest with Anthrax and any number of German thrash bands joining in on a crash-course "Speed Metal For Dummies" book and you get the general ideal. It's not going to blow any minds (let alone speakers since it never gets too loud or truly heavy), but when you've got a band that can bring to mind bands like Rage and Megadeth while at the same time being able to maintain some semblance of originality well, you can't knock them too much right?

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