Friday, October 19, 2012

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Listening to:

The Hand Of Doom-Poisonoise (Easily a very raw rock/metal album that lends itself to repeated listens)

Pandemonium-The Kill (Hope to have an interview with this great 80's metal band soon)

Stoneground-The Last Dance (killer rock)

Ugly Kid Joe-Menace To Sobriety (I had never heard the band's sophomore release all the way thru, but after a friend sent me a copy I was rather surprised. The bulk of this album is HEAVY heavy metal. Sure there is the still some of the familiar hard rock/pop metal Ugly Kid Joe to be found here. This was the same band that made "Everything About You" after all. That said this might have been the band's heaviest release. This album brings out the Black Sabbath love and embraces some of the better aspects of the grunge movement. Despite all of that it proved to Ugly Kid Joe's poorest seller! Go figure!)

The Rezillos-Can't Stand The Rizillos-The (Almost) Complete Rezillos (brilliant punk)

Slipfist-The Truth Is In Our Strength (hardcore)

AC/DC-High Voltage (Golden Oldie!)

Schein-Little Blue Girl (Female-fronted French hard rock)

Wolf/Kruizer-Echos Of The Past (old-school heavy metal)

Misfits-Misfits (Per Mark's suggestion I pulled out some Misfits. He's right, nothing says Halloween like the Misfits!)

Satan-Into the Future (NWOBHM)

Westfalen-Devil's Race (Great EP!)

As it is October it's pretty much all horror films!

Children Of The Corn
The Wolfman

Zombies! An Illustrated History Of The Undead
Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine-June 1994 (My local library always has a box of free books sitting by it's back doors and this was in the box. As I love Hitchcock and mysteries I scooped it up!)

Metal Mark-

Misfits-boxed set
Samhain-November coming fire
COC-Eye for an eye
Huinca-Sic Semper Tyrannis
Ghouls night out-The mourning after
King Diamond-Them
Black Sabbath-Sabbath bloody sabbath
The Police-Ghost in the machine
Lizzy Borden- 1983 demo
Damien-Stop this war

Ten Gallon War
Various graphic novels

Columbo season three
King Kong (original)
Stryper-Live in Indonesia

***Feel free to add what you are checking out.

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