Monday, October 15, 2012

Interview with Mike Notte of The Approach and the Execution

The "No drummer No problem!" promo pic!
A rare glimpse at the wild and crazy animal known as Mikey in it's natural setting!
It's been awhile since we last checked in with Akron's own The Approach and The Execution so I decided to play catch-up with vocalist/guitarist (and all around cool guy) Mike "Mikey" Notte to see what the word is. Since my last interview with the group (link below boys and girls) the band has had a bit of a shake-up in the line-up. Julie Peterson (vocals/keys) and Riley Kovac (drums) are out and in there place are Sam Wilson and Gabe Dickey respectfully. Well, that isn't quite accurate as Sam joins fellow guitarists Mike Notte and Andy Fisher. Three guitarists you might be asking? Yep. And yes, it does make the band all the more epic. It's a wall of guitars and it is good...damn good. With lyricist Jeremy Langham dropping his guitar in favor of lead vocals only (which is a natural fit for him anyway) and the dependable Nick Kozono handling bass duties the band seems poised to take that next step. According to Mike the new album is "coming along steadily, but at a slower pace than we anticipated. We are making sure that every song can stand on it's own feet and not get lost in the mix of the entirety of the album." With a few songs already  "on the drawing board" the follow-up to "The Blood March" will no doubt be epic. One of the newest songs, "Hymn of Victory", has been well received by fans. The Approach and the Execution plan to release the new single it as a free download in "Late Winter/Early Spring" with the new album hopefully dropping in Summer of 2013.While sadly we don't have access to time travel yet (otherwise I'd skip ahead to next summer so I could hear the album!) you do have an opportunity to hear new music in a live setting. The band is looking at playing at the Agora Theater this Friday (Oct. 19th) with Skeletonwitch (no doubt that would be a killer show!) and have an opening slot on the works for Peabodys on Nov 17th. Having seen the band live I can honestly say they give 100% effort and play with conviction and intensity. Trust me folks their shows never disappoint. For information and tickets to the Skeletonwitch show be sure to visit the band's online store at For information about the Agora show be sure to drop the band a message on their Facebook page. And, if for some unknown and unreal reason, you have not heard "The Blood March" it is available for a mere $5.00 at the group's online store! That's right, this killer LP is on sale for only $5.00! How often do you have a chance to pick up a CD like this (you can read my review at the link below) chock-full of epic music and all for the price of a $5.00 foot long? Not very often that's for sure! There are also cool t-shirts to be found at the store as well. And just in time for Christmas! So, do yourself a favor and check out the band live and be sure to spoil the people that you love this year on Christmas with goodies from your friends in The Approach and the Execution!



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