Monday, October 08, 2012

Doro-Raise your fist


Nuclear Blast

Metal queen Doro Pesch returns with a new release. She actually released an EP back in August that served as a bit of a preview as it contained a few tracks that are on this LP. Nearly thirty years into the game we know what to expect from Doro. This is loud mid-tempo metal with quite a few anthems and an occasional ballad. So she doesn't uncover anything new or even attempt to really, but I don't think anyone expected or was even rooting that. Her strengths whether with Warlock or on her own has always been the power of her vocals and the general consistency of her music. We certainly get both of those traits here on the new album. We get the usual anthems like "Raise your fist in the air" and "Grab the bull (last man standing)" and "Victory" that revolve around Doro's vocals and simple pounding beats. There's ballads like "Hero" and "It still hurts (with Lemmy)" that allow her to to show some genuine emotion in her voice. She and her band let loose on tracks like "Take no prisoner" and "Revenge" which hear them picking up the pace and increasing the heaviness. Face it we listen to a Doro album for her voice and as usual she doesn't disappoint this time around either. Doro is like other veteran acts including Overkill, WASP and Motorhead in that you know mostly what to expect from them but the music is always solid and reliable.

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