Tuesday, October 02, 2012

GTS-Time Stood Still

Avenue Of Allies

This was album number two for GTS and what a difference from album number one to album number two! Yes, this is still nothing more then glorified AOR and, truthfully, nothing more then recycled AOR at that, but at least the song writing and playing seem greatly improved. While I had not intended to review "Time Stood Still" it was a last minute impulse as I attempt to clear out the promos that are clogging up my inbox. When we last saw GTS they were treading along doing their best to sound like Airrace. Here we find the band looking to adapt a style closer in nature to groups like Whitesnake or Bad English. That isn't to say they have completely forgotten the Airrace roots as they do a cover/remake of the Airrace track "Caught In The Game". With guest song writers on board like Mike Moran (Queen, Survivor, Ozzy Osbourne) and Bob Mitchell (House Of Lords, Fiona, Cheap Trick) the album comes across as slicker & smoother with ballads like "Fight To Survive" (co-written by Moran) and "I Remember" (co-written by Mitchell) sitting comfortably next to the "rock" numbers. Does it make this album a must-own for AOR fanatics? That is debatable. What is clear is that this was a step-forward for the band even if it was a hair light for 1996. 

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