Thursday, September 27, 2012

Current playlist

Listening to:
Rancid-Indestructible (Guilty pleasure of mine...)
Buffalo-Battle Torn Heroes Single (Just love the guitar solo in "Woman of the Night")
American Head Charge-The War Of Art (industrial metal...)
Rare Earth-The Millennium Collection (Old school rock)
INXS-Kick (I never get tired of this album!)
Crayon Death-John's Dad (rare as f**k album from this post-grunge/doom/thrash band)
Meatloaf-Bat Out Of Hell (Don't ask...)
Dead Milkmen- Beelzebubba (One song alone defines how cool these guys were: "Punk Rock Girl")
Shiva-Firedance (So good....)

Resident Evil:Retribution (Review coming soon)
Taste The Blood Of Dracula (Cool Hammer film)
Cabin In The Woods (surprisingly good horror comedy)

The Complete History of The Living Dead (Even though they made it so zombies could talk, run and, pretty much NEVER, die I have always liked the original Return Of The Living Dead)
Metal Mark-
Listening to-
Overkill -Feel the fire (this resides in my car and gets played almost every week and it's the version with Sonic Reducer on it)
Stryper-Yellow and black attack (Michael Sweet annoys me frequently by going too high, but Robert Sweet is a highly overlooked drummer)
Transgresion-Demo (Review posted yesterday. Solid old school thrash)
Witchsorrow -God curse us (This is doom ala Electric Wizard. Need to review it soon)
Doro-Raise your (Still need to review this one too)
Liege Lord-Freedom's Rise (It's Liege Lord, I shouldn't have to say anything else)
The Gathering-Disclosure (Not metal and I am still trying to figure out my thoughts on it)
Dio-Angry Machines the demos (Demos for my least favorite Dio album. Less sound effects does help a little).
Grim Reaper-Fear no evil (Any time is right for this album but even more so as Halloween approaches).
Hanoi Rocks-Back to mystery city (I listen to this one a few times months and probably have since 1989)

The Avengers
Remington Steele season one

various early 70's Marvel horror comics
 ***What are you checking out?


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Blogger Andy said...

In case you are wondering that top list is mine!

4:45 AM  

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