Sunday, September 23, 2012

Seven Kingdoms-The Fire Is Mine

Nightmare / Sony / RED

Daytona Beach, Florida is home to Seven Kingdoms. The band, who formed in 2007 by guitarist Camden Cruz and vocalist Bryan Edwards (who had played together in This Solemn Vow) went through the typical line-up changes over the course of three albums. On "The Fire Is Mine" (album number three) the line-up includes vocalist Sabrina Valentine, guitarist Camden Cruz, guitarist Kevin Byrd, drummer Keith Byrd, and bassist Aaron Sluss. Right off the bat the focus seems to be on their lead vocalist Sabrina and well it should be. Sabrina is a very talented singer and brings a remarkable sense of class to the album. As this is her second album with Seven Kingdoms she seems to have more then settled in as her vocals sound smooth and natural. I'm tempted to say that Sabrina almost has more of a voice suited for contemporary pop/rock then heavy metal, but it offers a wonderful contrast here. Comparisons could be made to Iced Earth as this band treads similar ground. While Sabrina is all about the melody the band is more about heavy power metal/thrash. Simply put this is quality power metal with plenty of talent to spare.Iced Earth fans should definitely check this album out.

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