Thursday, September 20, 2012


Nightmare / Sony / Red

  Spheric Universe Experience (let's just call them SUE for short) was formed back in 1999 by guitarist Vince Benaim and John Drai. This French progressive metal band utilizes symphonic elements to offer up a rather "interesting" take on the genre. While progressive metal is certainly nothing new (and really neither is the additional of symphonic components) what SUE has going for them is this slightly twisted, almost industrial, bleak and dismal vibe that, somehow, still somewhat upbeat. A contradiction no doubt, but for every moment in which darkness creeps in there are softly spoken undertones of melodic rock and a sense of  beauty. Maybe I'm getting far too mellow in my old age (and man, do I ever feel old, especially when the cold weather we have been having makes me all achy and sore!) and insist upon looking for the hidden beauty in everything, but when a prog metal act takes a chance like this everything feels a bit more "vibrant" even in the imposing face of misery. A very interesting  releases and, as the band's forth album, a good sign for the future of prog metal far beyond 2012.

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