Thursday, September 13, 2012

Current playlist

Here you go-


Listening to:

Free: The Best Of Free: The Millennium Collection
AC/DC-Greatest Hits-Double CD (Hell's Hits)
Best Kissers In The World-Puddin'
Ramones-Rocket To Russia
Anthrax-Among The Living
Suicidal Tendencies-How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
Rolling Stones-Forty Licks
The Jam-In The City
Fight-Home Is Where The Hate Is
Faster Pussycat-Wake Me When It's Over

Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Double Feature
The Hunger Games
Zombie 3

The Sherlock Holmes Collection

Metal Mark-

Listening to-

Trashcan Darlings-Real fucking make-up (One of the best real glam bands ever. I remember finding out they were breaking up when I interviewed them. I was sad for weeks)
Dust-Hard Attack (awesome except for a few flower child type tracks)
KIX-Live in Baltimore (painful, but being from Maryland I had to give it a listen)
Koji Kondo-Super Mario World SNES soundtrack ( every once in a while I'm in the mood for video game music)
Belzebong-demo (as cool as the band name)
Mos Generator- Nomads (Tony Reed never sleeps)
Exciter-Feel the knife (the first Exciter song I ever heard)
Witch Cross-Fit for fight re-issue (review coming soon I hope)
Liege Lord-Burn to my touch (I saw they were playing some festival soon and it made me listen to this one)
The Bomboras-It came from pier 13! (trying to squeeze in some surf music while it's still warm out)

Bones season 2
Laverne and Shirley season 5
Remington Steele season 1
Warriors of the wasteland (Dear Lord, all kinds of badness)
Cosmos -War of the planets (Dear Lord, all kinds of space)

Vincent Price-the art of fear
Scooby Doo Comics (with my kids)

***What are you checking out this week?

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