Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blackened Wisdom-The angels are crying

blackened wisdom

Hell's Headbangers

Blackened Wisdom formed in Omaha, Nebraska in 1992. A year later they recorded three songs in 1993 with the intent of releasing a 7-inch EP. That never happened as the band broke-up not long after that and there the songs sat. Now Hells Headbangers are putting out the 7-inch some 19 years after it was recorded.
The band line-up was Bill Taylor (Immolation, Angelcorpse, Xenomorph, Feldgrau, etc...) - guitar/vocals
, Dan Kohler (Laceration) - Guitar, Rich Sheibal - Bass and Mike Gushar (Laceration) - Drums. So the fact that Bill Taylor was in this band before he went to Immolation is liable to draw some interest to this album. Normally I always an interest in these kind of lost or forgotten album so I wanted to hear this one. It's early 90's death and black with a few burst of grindcore pushed in between. Now it's very and that's alright with me because raw can be good. Here raw means messy and not energetic kind of messy, but just sloppy. To add onto that they never really bring to the surface any riffs or passages that really had me thinking they were onto something. I tried several times to find something of interest. That didn't happen as instead it just sounded like a band were trying to play fast and heavy, but they didn't know much about style or original ideas. It's all rather ordinary and unspectacular. Fans of Taylor's other bands might want to check it out once, but I can't imagine anyone being thrilled by this.

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